27 Sep 2010

Tongans in the dark over sale of Royal residence in Auckland

7:56 pm on 27 September 2010

The King of Tonga's multi-million dollar residence in Auckland is up for sale, but few people in the Tongan community knew it was even on the market.

The property in the upmarket suburb of Epsom, which has a ratable value of over six point five million US dollars, is set on one-point-six hectares of land and has been owned by the Tongan Royal family for almost 60 years.

The head of the Tongan Advisory Council in New Zealand, Melino Maka, says he was surprised to learn that the residence, Atalanga, was being sold.

Mr Maka says it will be a sad to see it go.

"Every Tongan in Aotearoa is connected to it, in terms of the status of the place and the mana of the place they are actually connected to."

Melino Maka says the Tongan people should be told that Atalanga is on the market.