27 Sep 2010

Tonga's royal residence in Auckland on the market

4:39 pm on 27 September 2010

A multi-million dollar property in New Zealand, belonging to Tonga's royal family, is for sale.

Called Atalanga, the one-point-six hectare property in Epsom, in Auckland, was purchased in 1952 and used to house scholarship students and host various royal occasions as well as house members of the royal family.

It has a rateable value of eight million dollars.

Tongan newspaper publisher, Kalafi Moala, says he stayed there many years ago while on a scholarship.

"It is a big property, an exceptional property and would probably be extremely expensive, the current land rates right there."

Kalafi Moala says as well as dormitories, the property houses the royal residence and staff accommodation and has extensive gardens.

Neither the Tongan Royal family or the Government is commenting on the sale.