27 Sep 2010

Short jail terms for Indonesian police blamed for deadly unrest in West Papua

4:41 pm on 27 September 2010

Indonesian police officers blamed for recent deadly unrest in Manokwari in West Papua have been sentenced to up to three weeks in custody.

The Jakarta Post reports that eleven Mobile Brigade, or Brimob, personnel have been held accountable for the September 15th incident in Manokwari in which two civilians were killed.

The unrest occurred after a motorist hit an elderly Papuan pedestrian and then fled to a nearby police station as an angry group of Papuan residents chased him.

Police officers on duty attempted to diffuse the situation, but were set

upon by the mob.

The officers fought back, firing several shots into the crowd, killing two.

A police spokesman said that four Brimob officers were sentenced to 21 days in custody and have had their promotions suspended, while another seven received 14 days in custody and promotion suspensions.