24 Sep 2010

Tuvalu's news fisheries plan essential to meeting convention obligations

3:09 pm on 24 September 2010

The Forum Fisheries Agency says Tuvalu's new plan for developing and managing its fisheries will enable it to meet its obligations under regional and international conventions to which it is a party.

Tuvalu's seeking funding of almost three million US dollars from either New Zealand or Australia to implement its four-year Institutional Strengthening Programme.

Last year's figures show that Tuvalu received only five percent of the nine million dollars worth of fish caught in its waters, something the agency's fisheries management adviser says the new programme will help address.

Samasoni Sauni says the programme will also strengthen Tuvalu's part in conventions such as the Parties to the Nauru Agreement .

"There is a suite, a number of initiatives that are currently happening within the FFA, the PNA office as well as the Tuna Commission and in order for Tuvalu to comply with the decisions coming out of those grouping of countries or conventions it needs to have that resource in country."

The Forum Fisheries Agency's management adviser, Samasoni Sauni.