24 Sep 2010

Apology demanded in French Polynesia for inciting hatred

8:52 am on 24 September 2010

French Polynesia's ruling party has asked the pro-independence Tavini Huiraatira to make a public apology for comments it alleges foster hatred.

The To Tatou Aia statement has taken issue with a Tavini web-based article that accused France of colonising the Polynesians' mind with Zionist poison by explaining to them that their future can only be with France.

The Tavini accuses the French state of corruption and racism as well as of imposing an ill-suited economic model that has failed to take into account the regional context, leaving an indecently high cost of living for the Maohi people and tourists.

The To Tatou Aia says the Tavini is making unacceptable claims to deflect attention from the criticism it has faced from its former member, Sabrina Birk, who quit the party last week, while saying that it had failed to live up to its ideals.