23 Sep 2010

More Solomon Islands tribes agree to stop dolphin hunting

1:40 pm on 23 September 2010

Three tribes in Solomon Islands have signed an agreement with the American-based Earth Island Institute to stop their traditional killing of dolphins.

An associate director of the Earth Island International marine mammal project, Mark Berman, says after the Fanalei and Walande tribes signed an agreement in April, other tribes have also stopped their dolphin hunting.

He says in return, his organisation has agreed to make grants available for sustainable community projects.

"Our goal is to make this a long-term effort where they get away from any type of dolphin hunts. In future we think that dolphin watch could be presented there, as a sustainable eco-tourism situation - that takes time to develop though - and they could show their culture by not harming dolphins but by just going to see the dolphins in the wild."

Mark Berman says the agreement will save up to 2,000 dolphins a year.