22 Sep 2010

CNMI charity braces for government shut-down

3:14 pm on 22 September 2010

A charity that runs a food bank in the Northern Marianas has been inundated with enquiries from worried public servants facing a government shutdown.

If the fiscal 2011 budget bill isn't passed by October the 1st, it will force a government shutdown for all but essential services.

Karidat Social Service executive director, Angie Deleon Guerrero, says its food pantry is bare.

She says it's already relying heavily on the charity of donors in the community to quickly stock up in preparation for more clients.

She is also advising people that it takes time to apply for foodstamps, if people think they'll need them.

"Our pantry right now is empty. We're looking forward for people to make donations. And then of course we can always come out and ask the community for food donations if things are really bad, and we have many people that do not have, because some of them need food immediately."

Angie Deleon Guerrero says she's disappointed about the drop in government support towards Karidat's administration costs in the 2011 fiscal year.