20 Sep 2010

Papua prisoner calls for pressure to halt abuses by Indonesia

1:09 pm on 20 September 2010

A Papuan political prisoner in Jayapura's Abepura prison says ongoing international pressure is essential to force Indonesia to address human rights abuses.

Filep Karma, who is serving a 15-year jail term for treason after he raised the outlawed Papuan Morning Star flag in 2004, says international awareness of his plight has already helped improve the prison's treatment of his health condition.

Mr Karma has finally received critical prostate surgery a year after he first made requests for urgent treatment which prison authorities repeatedly denied.

He says public campaigns highlighting abuses at Abepura have helped bring change at the notorious prison.

"Because every time we report everything to people in the world, it makes shame for the Indonesian government. They changed the head of the prison. That's why now, they will try to do best for the people."

Filep Karma