20 Sep 2010

Arrest warrant for Auckland based Samoan lawyer remains valid in Samoa

10:21 am on 20 September 2010

A warrant for the arrest of prominent Auckland-based lawyer Olinda Woodroffe, issued by the District Court in Samoa over an incident in 2008, remains valid.

At the time, Mrs Woodroffe was charged with uttering insulting words at staff of the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration.

Mrs Woodroffe said her lawyer in Samoa applied for a stay in the execution of the warrant a while ago and is puzzled about why this has not been scheduled to be dealt with by the Supreme Court.

She said the application was urgent.

Earlier this year the Attorney General's Office applied in the District Court for the charges to be withdrawn and for the

warrant of arrest to be cancelled.

But presiding judge Tauiliili Schuster refused the application in June saying Mrs Woodroffe had to be in Samoa in person first.

In response, Mrs Woodroffe applied to the Supreme

Court for judicial review of Judge Schuster's decision.

Mrs Woodroffe said she is at a loss as to why there has been no response to the ex parte application.

She said she has three matters in the Appeal of Court in Samoa soon.