18 Sep 2010

Fiji authorities invoke public emergency regulations in Western division

11:10 am on 18 September 2010

Authorities in Fiji have invoked provisions of the public emergency regulation to restrict the unnecessary use of water in the Western division.

The area has been experiencing dry weather conditions.

Fiji Village reports the Disaster Management Center Director, Pajilia Dobui, as saying that through the PER, they are urging people in the West to use water sparingly.

Mr Dobui says police will monitor the use of water and decide themselves how to deal with people who are found wasting water.

He added that while people in the West are being urged to adhere to the requirements, people living in other centres should also be mindful of the current dry weather conditions.

Mr Dobui says people should try and refrain from watering gardens or washing cars on a regular basis to conserve water.