18 Sep 2010

CNMI governor wants to extend transition period to 2019

11:10 am on 18 September 2010

The Governor of the Northern Marianas has asked a congressional panel to consider extending the transition period related to the federalisation of CNMI immigration.

Benigno Fitial wants the end of 2014 extending to the end of 2019.

He also wants to reinstate a "cover over" tax provision in the Covenant that the federalization law deleted.

Benigno Fitial lists two reasons for the need to extend the transition.

The governor cites the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's failure to issue final regulations on foreign workers and foreign investors/foreign students.

He also cites the Department's failure to develop and enforce an effective program to identify and remove illegal aliens in the CNMI.

The governor's testimony was read at an oversight hearing in Washington, D.C.