16 Sep 2010

Guam short of infrastructure funding despite Japan's contribution

3:17 pm on 16 September 2010

A Guam senator says new money allocated for the military build up by Japan is still not going to fix the problem of the island's infrastructure.

There is now more than 1 billion US dollars earmarked for Guam, after the US Embassy in Tokyo announced Japan will provide another 497 million dollars.

But Senator Frank Blas Jr says that money is for military projects, and Guam doesn't have the means to make the improvements necessary to the island.

"Our understanding is these are monies that are allocated for those projects located inside the fence. Again, you're going to continue to build inside the fence, and expect the infrastructure outside the fence to be able to to be complementary or to hook up seamlessly, and it is not going to happen the way this is going."

Senator Frank Blas Jr says a resolution passed by the legislature last week, while welcoming the build up, pointed out longstanding issues with the federal government that have not been resolved.