15 Sep 2010

Motibhai Group plans to take Fiji Times to new level

9:00 pm on 15 September 2010

The Fiji-based Motibhai Group says it wants to take the Fiji Times newspaper to a new level, after its purchase of the country's oldest newspaper for an undisclosed sum

The sale follows a decree by the Fiji interim regime that forced Fiji-based media outlets to be transferred into 90 percent local ownership.

The Motibhai CEO and Chairman Mahendra Patel said they will ensure that Fiji Times will operate as an independent unit within the Motibhai Group.

Mr Patel has been on the Fiji Times board for 25 years and says the acquisition is a great opportunity.

"And we respect the long tradition and history (of the publication). In fact the Fiji Times is very much part of Fiji's history, and we'll preserve it and enhance it. The Fiji Times is very much identified as Fiji's premier newspaper and we'll maintain its status."

Meanwhile, News Limited's Chairman and Chief Executive John Hartigan said the sale to Motibhai is the best possible outcome for Fiji Times staff, advertisers and readers.