15 Sep 2010

Birk resigns from French Polynesia pro-independence party

1:03 pm on 15 September 2010

A long-time member of French Polynesia's pro-independence movement, Sabrina Birk, has quit politics, accusing her party of failing to live up to its own ideals.

Ms Birk, who until November was a member of the assembly, says she was disappointed to find out that in the face of economic hardship her party offered a discredited politician huge sums to win his support.

Ms Birk likened that to the approach of the political rivals.

She says when in power her party failed to implement the policies it had campaigned on.

"When we are in power, we don't do politics that corresponds to our ideology, like we should have been giving more money to the students to do studies so that when we are independent we can have doctors."

Sabrina Birk