14 Sep 2010

Cooks Democratic Party to hold run-off for Ngatangiia seat

3:07 pm on 14 September 2010

The Cook Islands Democratic Party may have resolved a stand-off between two of its candidates wanting to represent the party in a Rarotonga constituency at the general elections.

This follows confirmation that there will be a final run-off between sitting MP and former Democratic Party leader Sir Terepai Maoate and businessman Mann Short.

Florence Syme Buchanan reports from Rarotonga.

"The run-off date has been set for 27th September when registered Democratic Party supporters in the Ngatangiia constituency will choose between Sir Terepai and Mann Short. Problems in the constituency arose when the validity of Sir Terepai's nomination in May was challenged by the group supporting Mr Short. According to Mr Short, these problems escalated when Sir Terepai's group refused to engage in discussions t o resolve the matter and to join a run-off held last month between Mr Short and two other nominees. That earlier run-off was won by Mr Short. Mr Short's group say they've also requested the Central Executive committee issue a statement that a petition supporting Sir Terepai to have no bearing on the forthcoming run-off as some people claim to have been intimidated into signing it."