14 Sep 2010

Solomon Islands NPF and Trimarine invest in Soltai Fisheries

10:41 am on 14 September 2010

The Solomon Islands National Provident Fund and Trimarine have invested in Soltai fisheries.

SIBC news reports, the General Manager of the Fund, Tony Makabo, as saying that Tri-marine and NPF bought the new shares sold by Soltai and not any other shares that would affect the shares of Western Provincial government and the Investment Corporation of Solomon Islands, ICSI.

He says that Soltai board issued the shares and that Trimarine has bought 51 percent while NPF brought 29 percent shares.

The existing shareholders, ICSI and the Western Province have 10 percent shares each.

Mr Makabo also also says that three shareholders, Tri-Marine, NPF and ICSI have agreed to proceed with the investment because they see the benefit of the company will improve and become profitable in the future.

He says that NPF's investment in SOLTAI is in two components.