9 Sep 2010

Missile programme raises concern in Hawaii

2:30 pm on 9 September 2010

A Kauai resident in Hawaii says people are divided over the issue to expand a military missile programme to develop ballistic missile testing from the island.

Juan Wilson says some residents support the military, saying it brings jobs and incomes in economically tough times.

But he says others are concerned about the environmental damage to sea life, the atmosphere and the land.

He says while there is the US military's push to grow its presence in the Pacific region, there's increasing concern about people's safety on a small remote island, like Kauai, if the military's expansion plans continue.

"For one thing it makes us a target here which we don't particularly like. If there were the things that the military anticipates, major conflicts that uses weapons systems of the kind that they are developing, we would be ground zero."

Kauai resident, Juan Wilson.