9 Sep 2010

Samoa Rugby Union says limited finances mean sacrifices must be made

10:17 am on 9 September 2010

The Samoa Rugby Union says sparse financial resources means it has to balance what it can and can't do to fund the game in Samoa.

The union is responding to criticisms of it's high performance unit in a leaked International Rugby Board review.

The review noted two of the most senior positions in the unit are held by people with strong coaching backgrounds but who lack administrative expertise.

It also said that the rugby union was yet to implement some changes recommended after the last world cup review in 2007, and that a culture of complacency has evolved.

The Chief Executive of the Samoa Rugby Union, Sua Peter Schuster, says finances are tight and some of the changes suggested in the review aren't practical.

"There are times where decisions have to be whether you're going to take it or not. Unfortunately, some times, when you do not put in the necessary funding it can affect your preparation, no difference from when you're having camps and things like that. Nutrition and all the stuff you need to improve the players and you decide you do not have the financial support to support it then there may be some consequence to that type of decision."

Peter Schuster says he doesn't believe the rugby union is complacent and says while they don't agree with some of the reviews findings, criticism is healthy, and they'll take it on board.