8 Sep 2010

Fiji Government considers relocating Suva squatters

6:09 pm on 8 September 2010

Fiji's interim administration is looking to relocate some squatters living on state land near Suva wanted for development.

The Lands Minister says the land is needed for a large development.

Pilot efforts are underway to try to create proper housing areas, including a new initiative in Suva called the LagiLagi housing.

The main force behind the project is the People's Community Network, and its spokesman, Father Kevin Barr, says the scheme gets squatters themselves involved:

"Part of its newness is that we have money from an overseas agency, a Catholic agency from Germany called Misereor, government is matching their funding and then as well as that the peole's savings will contribute to paying off at least half the cost of the house and people will also contribute their sweat equity they will be putting their labour into the building"

Father Barr says the LagiLagi estate has secured a 99 year lease and it's hoped the scheme will provide a model for the interim administration to follow elsewhere.