8 Sep 2010

Blocked French documentary now to be broadcast in Tahiti

3:19 pm on 8 September 2010

Reports from Tahiti say a French television documentary about the 1997 disappearance of a French Polynesian journalist, Jean-Pascal Couraud, will now be broadcast tomorrow.

This follows an unexplained decision by the satellite television provider not to carry the item on the Canal Plus channel as it went to air in France yesterday.

The documentary is called 'JPK, the man who shook Tahiti', revisits the circumstantial evidence that he may have been the victim of a political killing at the hands of a militia controlled by the then president, Gaston Flosse.

A murder investigation launched in 2004 is still to be completed.

In May, a criminal court in Paris dismissed a complaint by Mr Flosse that he had been defamed in a documentary about the same issue by the television channel, France 3.

Mr Flosse has said he never ordered or wished anybody's killing.