8 Sep 2010

Fiji authorities to meet tomorrow on drought situation

12:15 pm on 8 September 2010

A decision is expected to be made today on whether a nationwide drought will be officially declared in Fiji.

Fiji Village online says revelations are now coming to light that the country will ideally need over a month of solid torrential rain nationwide to ease the dry weather.

In an analysis report, Chief Research Scientist, Dr Sushil Sharma said all 25 stations around the country recorded below average rainfall, which have been ongoing for the past sixteen months since May 2009.

He says the only time the country breathed a sigh of relief was with the rain brought by Tropical Cyclone Mick in late December 2009.

However, Dr Sharma revealed that the Weather Office expects the current drought like weather condition to break in December with the rainy weather expected to start.

A meeting between the Nadi Weather Office, Doctor Sharma, DISMAC and other Government Agencies will be held tomorrow afternoon in Suva.