7 Sep 2010

Serial numbers publicised to help track stolen new Fiji bank notes

1:11 pm on 7 September 2010

Fiji's Chamber of Commerce says businesses have been asked to look out for the serial numbers of stolen brand new 20 Fiji dollar notes.

Police are searching for thieves who stole more than half a million US dollars of new Fiji notes from a container on board a ship that had arrived from Britain.

The Chamber's President, Peter Masey, says the Reserve Bank has made public the serial numbers of the stolen notes, which may not be legal tender.

"From our point of view, with the Chamber of Commerce, the Reserve Bank has released all the numbers of the notes, so they are being circulated to all businesses to look out for. The only concern that businesses have at the moment is whether the notes that have been stolen are actually legal tender or not yet, because they haven't been released by the Reserve Bank."

The President of the Fiji Chamber of Commerce, Peter Masey.