7 Sep 2010

New party in Tonga first in naming candidates in all electorates

1:00 pm on 7 September 2010

A new political party in Tonga says it aims to represent the interests of the ordinary people of Tonga.

The Democratic Party of the Friendly Islands has been formed from the People's Committee for Political Reform headed by Tongatapu People's Representative, Akilisi Pohiva.

The party is the first to announce candidates in all 17 electorates ahead of a poll on November 25th when the bulk of MPs will be elected by the people for the first time.

Mr Pohiva says five of the current nine People's Representatives are members of the Democrats.

While there's a growing number of political groupings lining up to contest the poll, Mr Pohiva says they have yet to think about coalitions.

"Every group has its own agenda and they are now campaigning. Our party is looking forward to the prospect of getting more seats - that is the ultimate purpose of our party, and I am sure other groups, other parties have the same [aim] - let's wait and see what is going to happen in the November election."

Akilisi Pohiva