6 Sep 2010

Marshalls Islands sees plenty of potential in pearl farming

4:04 pm on 6 September 2010

The Minister of Resources and Development in the Marshall Islands says the country has plenty of potential to generate income from pearl harvesting.

Mattlan Zackhras says he is hoping his Ministry can partner with the Marine Authority, the College of the Marshall Islands and NGOs to develop the pearl harvesting industry.

Mr Zackhras says the country has potential to bring in a substantial amount of revenue and compete with more developed pearl farming regions such as the Cook Islands and Tahiti.

He says the Ministry is focussing on a hatchery at the College of the Marshall Islands with help from a US fund.

"We've sat down and we've worked out a roadmap to see how we can revive the programme, especially the aquaculture which included fish farming and oyster producing hatchery."