6 Sep 2010

Guadalcanal province chief calls for law change over RAMSI shooting death

1:58 pm on 6 September 2010

The Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga is calling for a law change so soldiers working under RAMSI command aren't immune from prosecution in Solomon Islands.

Mr Panga says it's wrong that two Tongan officers of the Regional Assistance Mission can't be investigated in Solomon Islands under the present law.

Tongan authorities have said they will conduct their own investigations into the actions of the soldiers who were allegedly involved in the shooting death of a local civilian.

Mr Panga wants the newly elected Solomon Islands parliament to introduce an amendment to the Facilitation Act so any future incidents can be fully investigated locally.

"I'm supporting the RAMSI presence in this country but just to shoot down harmless people, people who don't have arms with them. The police have a lot of skills to protect themselves in such situations."

The Guadalcanal Premier Stephen Panga