6 Sep 2010

CNMI people worried about impact of cuts on their safety

1:31 pm on 6 September 2010

The decision to suspend all non-emergency and non-essential public services by the Northern Mariana's Department of Public Safety is being criticised widely.

The Department's Commissioner, Santiago Tudela, issued the directive to stop non-essential and non-emergency services from next week due to financial constrains and the burdening of resources.

Services to be suspended include police escorts, shoreline security protection and towing of privately owned boats.

Our correspondent, Mark Rabago, says the CNMI people are worried about what that will mean for their safety.

"If you don't have that many cops to patrol the streets then it's like giving criminals here a hint that ok, while the cat is away the mouse will play, so it's a problem."

Mark Rabago says the government realises the risks, but feels there's no alternative given the territory's financial trouble.