6 Sep 2010

American study looks at impediment to healthy living

1:30 pm on 6 September 2010

A study in American Samoa cites costs, embarrassment and being scared of dogs as some of the barriers to healthy eating and living.

A survey of four focus groups has been conducted by the American Samoa Community College to identify barriers to healthy living.

It's part of a study funded by the US Department of Agriculture and supported by the departments of health, education and the American Samoa Community Cancer Network.

A research coordinator, Don Vargo, said the study has already solicited close to 200 participants and most admit weight issues are a problem:

"Part of the problem of course is that some of the healthier foods are expensive, so that's a problem. Some of the guys say they want to go out walking, but some of their friends will drive by and sort of embarass them and say, you know; 'What are you trying to do become skinny or something?' So those are some of the barriers. ."

According to Don Vargo, a number of people said they were scared to go out for a walk because of the dogs.