2 Sep 2010

American Samoa businessman says ignore costs of plastic bag ban

4:47 pm on 2 September 2010

The former president of American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce says businesses will just have to bear the cost of complying with a new law doing away with plastic shopping bags from next year.

The new law banning the distribution of plastic shopping bags in the Territory

comes into force in late February.

David Robinson says he's always supported a ban on plastic bags because they pose an environmental nuisance and threaten bird and sea life.

He says the benefits of banning plastic bags will outweigh the cost to businesses of changing to environmentally-friendly shopping bags.

"' Whatever they are, I think if we are going to be responsible environmentally, in this market place of ours, even if there is a bit of an initial cost, we should grin and bear it."

David Robinson.