30 Aug 2010

CNMI casino for Saipan legislation due in Senate

1:37 pm on 30 August 2010

The Senate floor leader in the Northern Marianas is hoping he's got majority support to stop the Saipan casino bill that's due before the Senate next month.

Last week the bill to legalise gambling on the island survived its passage through the House.

Pete Reyes says two previous attempts to try and legalise gambling on Saipan have failed, with many people voicing strong opposition.

Mr Reyes says he's hoping Rota and Tinian, the two islands that allow casinos, won't back the Saipan bill.

"I'm banking on members of the Senate from Rota and Tinian to stand up and protect the casino industry in their islands. If that happens, then there is six votes that will go against the Saipan casino, and that is enough to reject it."

But Pete Reyes says there is a provision in the bill for Tinian and Rota to take a cut from any profits from gambling on Saipan.