27 Aug 2010

NZ Foreign Minister Fiji meeting not sign of breakthrough

10:26 am on 27 August 2010

New Zealand's Foreign Minister says a meeting this week with his Fiji counterpart doesn't signal an imminent breakthrough.

New Zealand opposes the insistence of Fiji's military regime of retaining power until 2014, which has strained the relationship between the two countries.

Murray McCully says his Tuesday meeting in Suva with Ratu Inoke Kubuabola was part of an ongoing dialogue he feels is important to maintain.

"It doesn't suggest that we're making any particular breakthroughs at the moment, just it's work in progress, we've got to get the relationship into a better space and New Zealand's got to try probably hardest of those in the neighbourhood to find a way through this thing."

Murray McCully says the meeting covered Fiji's concerns over travel bans and other types of sanctions, concerns with which New Zealand is familiar.