26 Aug 2010

Police brutality claim probed in American Samoa

5:39 pm on 26 August 2010

The Federal Bureau of Investigations in American Samoa is investigating claims of police brutality by Siaumau Siaumau Jr., who has been charged with the murder of Police Lt. Liusila Brown.

Siaumau's lawyer, Tautai Aviata Faalevao, had written to the Police Commissioner, Tuaolo Fruean, asking to look into claims by Siaumau that after he was arrested last month and taken to the police central station he was assaulted by police officers who questioned him.

Tautai had said in his letter that if he thought that the police cannot conduct a fair investigation he will ask the FBI to conduct the probe.

The Deputy Commissioner of Leseiau Laumoli says to avoid any appearances of bias or conflict, they have referred Tautai's request to the local FBI office.

Leseiau confirmed that the matter is now with the FB and an investigation has begun.