24 Aug 2010

NGO expects American Samoa water quality to match mainland's

9:35 pm on 24 August 2010

An anti corruption watchdog group in American Samoa says it expects water in the territory to be of the same quality as water in the United States.

The comments by Common Cause follow a boil water notice issued by the American Samoa Power Authority at the beginning of August, after it found E-coli bacteria in some of its wells.

A spokesman for the group, Dale Long, says water quality and other issues are common in the territory and hopes the authorities, especially the Governor, are taking responsibility and learning to overcome these problems.

"It should not have had any of these problems. And it was a very serious situation in my mind and in the minds of several others, that all the money we receive, and the 21st century technology and all that, we were still having to boil our water. But I'll give ASPA the benefit of the doubt. They do have on board now a professional engineer."

Dale Long