24 Aug 2010

CNMI Senate explores options to avoid public service cuts

3:27 pm on 24 August 2010

The Senate in the Northern Marianas is trying to find ways to increase revenue gathering, so as to avoid drastic cuts to the working hours of government employees.

One proposal is to reduce government workers hours by 16 hours for every two-week period.

The Senate President, Paul Manglona, says the CNMI has lost income following the demise of the garment industry and the drop in tourist visitor numbers.

He says hopefully alternative revenue generating measures can be implemented, so there can be a smaller cut in employee work hours.

"The budget has to be passed by October 1, each fiscal year. And so the challenge is for the Legislature. One way that we are trying to balance it is to at least cut eight hours and then we'll come up with revenue generating measures."

Senate president in CNMI, Paul Manglona