21 Aug 2010

Governor of NCD in PNG says people in squatter settlements seeing progress

9:33 am on 21 August 2010

The Governor of the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea says progress is being made to improve access to finance for those living in squatter settlements.

Powes Parkop's comments follow the recent release of a book, titled Urban Poverty in Papua New Guinea, which features research carried out by the National Research Institute.

Mr Parkop says the NCD government is creating opportunities for people to generate income through sustainable enterprises.

"We also have short term training courses so they can have the excuse to enable themselves to develop the capacity to sustain themselves. But of course poverty is not just about access to finance or lack of finance. It's also about, you know, having information, being able to read and write. And there are so many other aspects and challenges relating to this."

Powes Parkop says the government is also developing intervention schemes to improve the living standards of those dwelling in squatter settlements.