20 Aug 2010

Lack of due process sparks Cook Islands run-off contest - aspiring candidate

3:20 pm on 20 August 2010

A Cook Islands Democratic Party member says a run-off selection is needed in the Ngatangiia electorate because of a faiilure to observe due process.

Iaveta Short, Stephen Peyroux and Mann Short have put their names forward for the process, which'll culminate in a vote next Wednesday.

The sitting candidate, Sir Terepai Maoate, who was reconfirmed in May, will also stand in the run-off but is declining to comment on the matter.

Iaveta Short says the process by which Sir Terepai was reconfirmed was flawed.

"It was not advertised, no one knew about it, it was basically rammed through at a committee meeting so no one was given the opportuntity to put their name forward and get their supporters to be there."

Iaveta Short says the run-off selection is provided for by the constitution in electorates where there's debate over the candidacy.

However the secretary of the Democratic Party's Ngatangiia committee says the fresh contest isn't valid because it's missed the deadline.