19 Aug 2010

Digicel in Vanuatu told to rip out tower and build it somewhere else

6:32 pm on 19 August 2010

The paramount chiefs of the Vanuatu island of Pentecost have unanimously agreed that the telecommunications company, Digicel, has to remove a tower it's built on an historic site at Langare.

A field worker with the Vanuatu cultural centre, Bruce Tabi, says the chiefs have agreed that the tower can be erected on another piece of the same custom land but not at Langare.

The decision was taken this morning by the paramount chiefs from North, Central and South Pentecost before they met with the management of Digicel at Tambok village.

Over 200 custom dignatories from Pentecost had gathered at Tambok to convey their disappointment at the lack of respect Digicel had shown for the island's customs.