20 Aug 2010

Key political figure switches camps in Solomon Islands leader negotiations

9:32 am on 20 August 2010

The leader of the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement party says Gordon Darcy Lilo has not officially resigned, but has joined another political camp.

The Rural Advancement Party is part of a group formed around the Solomon Islands Democratic Party which won the most seats in the election two weeks ago.

It includes Steve Abana, Mathew Wale and from another party, the caretaker Prime Minister, Dr Derek Sikua.

Mr Lilo was one of the ministers sacked by Dr Sikua on the eve of the dissolution of the last house, and local media reports that's the main reason for the switch in allegiance.

Job Dudley Tausinga says Mr Lilo may want to contest the Prime Ministership.

"He has not made his formal resignation, from the party, but he has decided to form another group, a group that is currently residing at Honiara Hotel. I think the decision to set himself up at a different hotel is entirely his decision, so it is sort of deserting the party itself."

Job Dudley Tausinga, the leader of the Solomon Islands Party for Rural Advancement.

Parliament is to meet on Wednesday for the first time since the election two weeks ago, and will choose a leader.