18 Aug 2010

Fiji's sugar cane growers frustrated over breakdown of sugar mills

10:24 am on 18 August 2010

Fiji's sugar cane growers are worried and frustrated over the frequent breakdowns of the four sugar mills.

Fiji Broadcasting reports Sugar Cane Growers Council Acting CEO Sundresh Chetty saying growers are complaining to the Council about the mill performance for fear of losing earnings.

Mr Chetty says with good weather conditions prevailing a better performance is expected but crushing in all four sugar mills have not been consistent.

He says they expected a much better and consistent crush in all the sugar mills.

He says the council has been in constant touch with the mill management and executives, and been given every assurance that the engineers are working over time trying to fix the mill but has not seen any result.

Mr Chetty says the frequent disruptions only prolong the season and the growers and the sugar industry stands to lose millions of dollars in sugar revenue.