17 Aug 2010

As Cook Islands prepares for elections there's anger over nomination process

3:00 pm on 17 August 2010

Some Democratic Party supporters in the Cook Islands are now calling for a fairer and more transparent process for nominating an election candidate.

This year's general election in the Cook Islands is set for November 17.

Many Democratic Party supporters in the seat of Natangiia say they are dissatisfied at how the sitting member Sir Terepai Maoate won the nomination again, saying it was very one sided contest.

Our correspondent in Rarotonga, Florence Syme Buchanan. says others were keen to stand for this year's election, but weren't able to.

"They say that the nomination that was held for Sir Terepai in May this year was unfair and undemocratic. And that it wasn't publicly advertised and that other people who wished to step forward as candidates virtually were not given the opportunity to do this at the nominations."

Florence Syme Buchanan.