17 Aug 2010

Nauru opposition group say President acting illegally in using emergency powers

1:28 pm on 17 August 2010

The leader of a coalition of MPs opposed to the caretaker administration in Nauru says President Marcus Stephen is running a dictatorship.

The country, which has been stuck in a political stalemate for months, has been ruled over the past eight weeks by a caretaker Government using emergency powers.

This came after Parliament failed to elect a new President following two general elections and prompting Mr Stephen to sack the newly appointed Speaker.

The leader of the opposing coalition, Baron Waqa, say the longer the country remains under what he terms this illegal emergency rule the more damaging it will be.

"I say illegal because he's not following the constitution. He's drawing his powers under a state of emergency. He's gone mad if you ask me. He's removed the Speaker and he says that's because he wants to see things moving in that area - try and look for a government, a new government, but he's done quite the opposite."

The leader of Nauru's opposing coalition, Baron Waqa