16 Aug 2010

Fiji phone companies expect rush to register by Saturday deadline

1:48 pm on 16 August 2010

Telephone companies in Fiji are expecting a last minute rush of users to register their details or risk being cut off from the network.

Under its Telephone Services Decree, the interim government's set a deadline of midnight this Saturday for all users to provide companies with photo identification and a home address.

Digicel Fiji spokesman Indra Singh says the government brought in the new rules to deter prank callers and there've been no complaints from customers.

"It's amazing because as soon as this decree same into effect, the one month time period, everyone has just gone ahead and registered their phone. There is no one who actually raised their concern or said they do not want to be part of this."

Indra Singh says under the decree the government has the right to access phone users' details.

Phone service providers face a maximum 200 thousand dollar fine if unregistered users are not cut off within two weeks of this Saturday's deadline.