13 Aug 2010

American Samoa's Manu'a residents get free medical check-ups from Flying Doctors team

6:25 pm on 13 August 2010

Residents of Manu'a in American Samoa have had access to free medical services from a Flying Doctors of America team this week.

The six-member team, including two physicians, a dentist and two dental hygienists, served a steady stream of patients in Manu'a for the three days on island.

The dental cases they handled while in Manu'a were mainly check-ups and extractions.

Meanwhile, physician David Scurlock said they saw a widespread need to access more regular and ongoing medication for various conditions.

"It's very difficult for most to get that medication and have it on a continual basis so they would want to come in to be checked out: mostly hypertension and diabetes which need medication on a continual basis. They would be out of those important medications and would look to us for access to those medications."

Dr David Scurlock