13 Aug 2010

Solomons MPs encouraged to select leader of quality, regardless of origin

3:31 pm on 13 August 2010

A new Solomon Islands MP says the country needs to choose a leader of quality without consideration of where they come from.

Negotiations to form a coalition and elect a prime minister are continuing, with the declaration of election results expected to be completed today, once votes for Ongtong Java are counted.

The Solomon Islands Democratic Party has won the most constituencies with at least 11 MPs, including Rick Hou, a former Central Bank governor.

But their potential prime ministerial contenders, leader Steve Abana, deputy leader Matthew Wale and Mr Hou, all come from Malaita.

Some have questioned whether the Prime Minister should come from that province when the Governor General is also Malaitan.

But Mr Hou says that's not the right way to think

"That's not good for Solomon Islands. I think what we are looking for is despite where the Prime Minister comes from, or certain leaders come from, the issue is we are looking for quality leadership, holding people together as a way forward to cement the social infrastructure, all our regions together."

Solomon Islands MP Rick Hou