13 Aug 2010

PINA says the door is open for new media group, despite rift

1:45 pm on 13 August 2010

The Pacific Islands News Association says there is an open door for a relationship with a newly formed media association, despite an apparent rift.

This week's establishment of the Pacific Media Association follows the failure by PINA to speak out on issues such as the Fiji media decree.

But Matai Akauola, PINA's training co-ordinator, says it used to put out statements about media issues in the region, but that didn't work, and it is now trying to engage with governments.

He says the door is open for a relationship between the two groups.

"We thought that all the media would come together rather than singling people out and causing animosity within the media fraternity in the Pacific. It's supposed to be uniting against restrictive governments and addressing issues at that level rather than shooting each other in the back which results in a lot of chaos."


Matai Akauola.