12 Aug 2010

Former Solomons MP says votebuying happening in government negotiations

7:24 pm on 12 August 2010

A former Solomon Islands politician says negotiations to form a coalition government are again being influenced by votebuying and horsetrading.

Lobbying to gain the numbers to form a government is continuing, after an array of parties and independents claimed victories in last week's election.

Former Labour MP Joses Tuhanuku says the election was not fair and free because returning MPs spent a lot of money to win back their constituencies.

He says some people are being funded by logging companies and other organisations with plenty of money, but its difficult to prove.

"Of course nobody that would be committing any criminal acts will admit it. Of course it's going on right now, but in terms of finding evidence that will stand up in the court of law, it's a little bit difficult because they do it in the most discreet way."

Joses Tuhanuku says reforms such as preferential voting, and the strengthening of political parties is needed to make elections more democratic.