11 Aug 2010

Vanuatu still assessing impact of big quake

3:32 pm on 11 August 2010

Officials are meeting in Vanuatu today as assessments of the damage from yesterday's earthquake continue.

A magnitude seven-point-five earthquake struck Vanuatu last night, centred 40-kilometres north-west of the capital Port Vila.

It shook buildings for about 15 seconds, triggering a 23-centimetre high wave.

Fred Jocklie from the Vanuatu Meteorological Service says in some parts of Northern Efate, the wave did wash a few metres up the shoreline, but not in Port Vila.

"The big supermarket just metres from here, the shelves have fallen to the floor, and there were broken bottles and glasses in the bigger supermarket here, and also in town. This grand hotel, a six story building there were cracks on the wall of the building."

Fred Jocklie from the Vanuatu Meteorological Service.