11 Aug 2010

Democratic Party most dominant after Solomons' election

3:31 pm on 11 August 2010

The party with the most MPs in the new Solomon Islands Parliament says its success is an indication the electorate wants it to form a government.

The Solomon Islands Democratic Party has won at least 11 of the 50 constituencies in the election.

Other factions do appear to be emerging with former Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare not ruling out forming a coalition even though his OUR Party only has three MPs.

An independent members grouping, the Independent Democratic Party also claims to have the numbers to form a coalition.

But the deputy leader of the Solomon Islands Democratic Party, Matthew Wale, is questioning the credibility of that grouping, saying other MPs should listen to what the people have said

"We certainly have the largest number of elected MPs and that is an indication of what the national electorate is saying to the leaders and I think leaders need to take cogniscance of that. So we are fairly confident of forming government."

Matthew Wale says the SIDP is talking to everybody, and its too early to say who it will form a government with.