10 Aug 2010

NZAID says it won't leave Vanuatu Women's Centre in the lurch

1:21 pm on 10 August 2010

New Zealand says it won't leave a Vanuatu anti-violence group without enough funds and it's hoping Australia will fill the gap.

New Zealand and Australia have jointly funded the Vanuatu Women's Centre which aims to stamp out violence against women and children.

The Centre says a decision by NZAID to stop an annual 100 thousand US dollars in support will mean it has to shut its doors in Luganville.

But New Zealand's Development Counsellor in Port Vila Sara Carley says it's in talks to ensure more funding's found.

"It's not losing its grant right away. At the same time we can't continue funding every activity that we've ever funded so it's a natural progression. We don't want to leave them in the lurch because they are providing a valuable service and we don't want to see any risk to that."

Sara Carley says a recent review showed the agency's advocacy work has been effective and it's had big success in rural areas.