9 Aug 2010

New Mexico company promotes mini nuclear power systems in the Pacific

3:43 pm on 9 August 2010

A New Mexico company says small island states in the Pacific could be among countries which could benefit from small nuclear reactors for power generation.

Hyperion Power Generation Inc has commercialized small modular nuclear reactors which uses liquid metal to create heat inside of the reactor to generate electricity.

CEO John Grizz Deal says there's been growing global interest in the technology, that's been designed to be easily transportable, safer, cleaner, sustainable and affordable.

"Our reactor is of a class that's referred to as a mini power reactor, in that its designed for very specific kind of use and while its not a personal nuclear reactor, it is designed for very small communities of say 20-50,0000 people or a military base, or a mining operation, or something like that, where you've got a need for distributed or dedicated power."

John Grizz Deal says the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas has already expressed an interest in the nuclear reactor.