9 Aug 2010

PNG working on sewerage issues to tackle cholera

8:04 am on 9 August 2010

The Governor of the National Capital District of Papua New Guinea says the government in the region is working on a solution to the sewerage problems to help eliminate cholera.

Powes Parkop is confident the disease is close to being contained in Port Moresby but has concerns for the rural villages in Central Province which have limited or no access to clean, safe water or sufficient sanitation methods.

He says the NCD government is working with the WHO, AusAid, the Port Moresby water company, Eda Ranu and other NGOs to upgrade the water system.

"The water and sanitation company which is Eda Ranu, they've signed an agreement with the Japanese government for support to build a better sanitation sewerage system which will hopefully cover these villages and some of the communities that have no access to other sewerage system in the city."

Powes Parkop says at the same time the Catholic church is conducting a feasibility study on building a new sanitation structure which connects to the major sewerage system.